Types of Children's Scooters


Scooting is one mode of transportation which kids love a lot. There is not one child who doesn't want to try a scooter, whether it's a three-wheeler, two-wheeler, recreational scooter, stunt scooter or folding scooter. It's no wonder that most toy stores have display of all kinds of scooters. There is really a huge market for scooters. Here's a guide to present the best scooters for kids, the fastest, safest, sturdiest and most fun scooters.

The MGV-VX4 scooter is well-made, durable and has a fixed frame. This scooter is popular with older children from age 8 and over, who are into skate parks and wants to learn some few tricks on the ride ramps.

Vtech 3 in 1 Zebra scooter is meant for the small kids. It can be pushed, sit and ride, as well as scoot around the living space. There is a built-in sound, which teaches the kid of encouraging phrases and flashing lights. And the built-in sound, teaches the kid about colors, animals and their habitats.

The Grit Tremor scooter is also built for aged eight and above, but this one is ready to go straight out of the box. It is a good value for money, as it boasts of a reliable and solid compression system with an excellent bar design. The attention to detail can be seen from its cool design and color.

The Mini Micro T-Bar is the typical scooter of old, one that we often see kids scoot everywhere from school to the local park. It is a stable unit and easy to ride on. It is also a great value for money, portable, light and stylish.

Ozbozz Nebulus VaVa Voom is a best-seller because it is a folding scooter, has a good rear brake and handlebars are easy to adjust and can click into place. This scooter was made for 5 year old tykes and up.

District Colorline V4 Series Custom is for the experienced riders aged 12 and over, who want a performance scooter that is durable and strong but lightweight which can withstand the pressure in skate park ramp exhibition. It is pricey because of its quality components.

JD Bug Pro Street V3.0 is also a folding scooter with adjustable handlebars. It is one of the lightest recreational scooters and, yet, stable. It has also been recognized as the safest, folding aluminum scooter in the UK. This unit is recommended for kids at four and over. 

JD Bug Pro Stunt Zombie has an aluminum material which is of aircraft grade and attached to an alloy triple clamp and steel fork and head tube. This scooter is designed more for stunt acts. It is recommended for kids six to seven years of age.

Known as a three-wheeler scooter, the Micro Sprite is a folding scooter and best recommended for children aged five and over.

Radio Flyer My First Scooter  Kid Toys Life is a great introductory scooting unit for the little ones. Being a three-wheeler, it is sturdy, compact and has good balance which reduces wobbling.

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